Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanist Association) has been at the forefront of delivering non-religious funerals for the last thirty years. It has a worldwide reputation of training celebrants to write and deliver ceremonies of the highest quality and standard. I have been trained and am fully accredited by Humanists UK, undergoing professional development on a regular basis to ensure that my standards don’t slip and that my awareness and my sensitivity are always developing.

You don’t have to be a humanist yourself to have a Humanist Ceremony - they are appropriate for anyone who would like a non-religious ceremony or who wishes to place their relative or friend at the heart of the funeral ceremony. The only guideline is that they do not contain religious content such as prayers or hymns. Sometimes families of mixed religious beliefs choose a humanist ceremony because they can all agree on the non-religious, personal content.

Humanism is based on what we all have in common - our human values. Human beings create the meaning that life has, in our everyday actions and decisions, according to our values and our hopes for the future.

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